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The Roughneck History Book

In the same year that Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II, Hockey Night in Canada was first broadcast and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes were introduced, a pint-sized magazine with a big attitude made its debut.  In 1952, The Roughneck, full of fun and irreverence, set out to chronicle the Canadian oilpatch.  Fifty years later, The Roughneck is still going strong.

The Super Roughneck, neatly divided into five decades – from the nifty fifties, far-out sixties and sublime seventies to the NEP-plagued eighties and into the 21st century – highlights The Roughneck’s best photographs, stories and jokes from 1952 to 2002.

Do you want to see photos of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum?  They’re in here.  How about amusing images of Prime Ministers (past and present) Joe Clark and Jean Chretien, Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson, former federal Leader of the Opposition Preston Manning, and Alberta Premier Ralph Klein?  They, too, are between these covers.  As are lots of oilpatch veterans and icons – from roughnecks to CEOs.

Do you remember The Roughneck’s rants about government stupidity, the much-hated National Energy Program and oilpatch survival?  They’re here, along with lots more.

A collection of The Roughneck’s best wouldn’t be complete without our famous jokes (described by a few as “salty”).  We have chosen the best from the past five decades.  Be forewarned: some are politically incorrect, sexist and crude.

The last fifty years have been a roller coaster of emotions.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  What a trip!

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  • Lovely Marilyn Monroe and Lucky Robert Mitchum. In Banff, Alberta to film “River of No Return,” these two Hollywood stars become fast friends of Roughneck Publisher Lloyd Gilmour.


  • Future Prime Minister of Canada. He’s 32, single and a lousy cook. He’s Joe Clark.


  • Tale of Three Cities. Remember when 130 representatives from the Canadian owned oilfield service and supply companies made their case against the dreaded National Energy Program? Relive those memories with this insider’s account.


  • Hell on Earth. It’s the most dangerous, uncomfortable and exhausting job on the face of the earth, but Safety Boss of Calgary shows the world how to put out the oilwell fires set by the Iraqi army.


  • The rollercoaster ride continues as we exit one century and enter a new millennium. We’re trying to forget Y2K.Indexes (people and companies/associations, etc.)

The Roughneck History

The Roughneck History