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The Roughneck Buy & Sell LogoThe Roughneck Buy & Sell is published 12 times a year for the North American oil and gas industry. If you or your company are buying or selling oilfield equipment, either upstream or downstream, new, reconditioned or used, then this publication is for you.

We have over 10,000 subscribers from the drilling rig to the gas plant, all of whom have products to buy and sell. Working in conjunction with two well known oil and gas trade magazines, The Roughneck and Energy Processing Canada, The Roughneck Buy & Sell provides advertisers and readers with the best selling tool available.

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Current Issue Headlines


  • Predicting the American Election - Do Words Really Matter?


  • No Change to PSAC’s 2016 Drilling Activity Forecast: Lack of Tidewater Access Prolongs Oil-Patch Woes
  • Tier 1 Energy Solutions Partners with Baker Hughes in Western Canada
  • Fraser Institute: Delays in Pipeline Projects Costs Canada's Economy, Governments, Billions a Year
  • Nsolv's Clean Extraction Technology Produces 100,000th Barrel
  • Wajax Announces Field Services for Donaldson® Gas Turbine Filtration Systems
  • Linde Engineering and Weil Group Resources Announce Commercial Operation of Helium Purification Technology in Saskatchewan
  • Packers Plus Reduces Completion Costs in Duvernay Formation by up to 30 Per Cent


  • Black Diamond Group: To Find a Better Way


  • Titanium Corporation Wins Award for Environment Innovation


  • Record Debt Levels Threaten the West's Farming Industry
  • Size of Government Affects Economic Performance
  • Millennials a Generation Bubble Wrapped From Failure
  • Bio-Fuels One of Man's Greatest Blunders
  • Green Energy Future Still a Long Way Off
  • Electoral Reform Needed Nowhere More Than in Alberta
  • Return on CPP Contributions Still Meagre After Expansion


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Focus on Camps & Logistics

The industry’s workforce needs to be housed and fed, and as most of the industry is located in remote and often difficult locations, camps are an important factor in the success of the industry.

From giant builders who supply five thousand person camps, to companies who sell custom-built containers that look like luxury suites, there is a lot of activity in this manufacturing sector.

Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.com