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The Roughneck

The Roughneck
The Roughneck 
was founded in 1952 as the voice of the Canadian oil community. The magazine reports on the people and events of that community - both past and present - that have made the oilpatch in Canada what it is today.

The Roughneck analyzes political events that affect the industry and profiles people and businesses that are a part of it. The magazine covers the news that others miss because it is a part of the industry about which it writes. Opinions expressed herein are those of the staff writers and may not reflect those of the magazine's readers or advertisers.

4: The Douglas Report

• Notley’s Mega-Million Loonie Refinery Proposal Resembles Roosevelt’s New Deal Boondoggle

8: Money Matters

• Life Annuities are Coming Back in Fashion

10: Service and Supply Profile

• EnQuest Offers Innovative Ways to Get Work Done

16: Opinions

• Say It Ain’t So…Canada Can’t Break Up Over Carbon Dioxide
• When it Comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), Small Things Make
a Big Impact

20: British Columbia

• Jobs Versus the Environment – How British Columbians View Fossil Fuels, Pipelines, and Industry

24: Formation Water Disposal

• AquaBond Formation Reduction Technology Reduces Produced Water by as Much as 50 Per Cent

26: Fiber Optics

• Certified Connector Solutions for Fiber Optic Cables in
Explosive Atmospheres

29: Jokes

30: Rig Count, Ad Index

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