The Roughneck

The Roughneck
The Roughneck 
was founded in 1952 as the voice of the Canadian oil community. The magazine reports on the people and events of that community - both past and present - that have made the oilpatch in Canada what it is today.

The Roughneck analyzes political events that affect the industry and profiles people and businesses that are a part of it. The magazine covers the news that others miss because it is a part of the industry about which it writes. Opinions expressed herein are those of the staff writers and may not reflect those of the magazine's readers or advertisers.

6 The Douglas Diatribe

  • Alberta’s Competitive Advantage Few Understand

8 Money Matters

  • A Potential Opportunity for First-Time Home Buyer

10 British Columbia

  • Despite Facing Delays and Opposition, LNG Soldiers On
  • Sam Holdings Serves Notice to Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal Joint Venture Owners
  • Where's the Trans Mountain Expansion Project? In Court, Again

21 Drilling Advances

  • Automated Slide Drilling Goes Both Granular & Precise
  • Case Study: Horn River, BC Gas Play

25 2020 Outlook

  • CER Forecasts Fossil Fuel Consumption — 2019-2040
  • President Trump Beats Anti-Oil Pipeline Protesters

27 Technologies

  • H2S in Liquids Analyzer for Lab Allows Quick & Simple Analysis

28 Jokes

29/30 Rig Count, Ad Index

Front Cover

Over the past couple of decades, British Columbia, and especially the northeastern portion of the province, has become a real powerhouse in the Canadian energy supply chain, with prolific discoveries of natural gas, liquids, and oil in fields like the Montney, Ring Border, Bullmoose, Horn River, Liard Basin, and Taylor.