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The Roughneck

The Roughneck
The Roughneck 
was founded in 1952 as the voice of the Canadian oil community. The magazine reports on the people and events of that community - both past and present - that have made the oilpatch in Canada what it is today.

The Roughneck analyzes political events that affect the industry and profiles people and businesses that are a part of it. The magazine covers the news that others miss because it is a part of the industry about which it writes. Opinions expressed herein are those of the staff writers and may not reflect those of the magazine's readers or advertisers.

4: Douglas Diatribe

• Activists Silent While Russia Pumps $2.7 Billion (US) of Contaminated Crude to Europe… They Remained Silent During Clean-up & Decontamination

8: Money Matters

• What Inning Is This Again?

10: Corporate Profile

• Horizon North Practices What It Preaches & Shareholders Prize Its Stellar Growth
• IES Energy & Transform Environment’s Strategic Financing to Access New Energy Markets

16: Regulatory

• PNG Exploration Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Saskatchewan Government Alleging Discriminatory Land Sale Practices
• Manson’s Law – the Court Ruling that Legalized Private Ownership of Canadian Law

22: Cyber Security

• Emerson Provides Cybersecurity Protection for Hazardous Locations & Operations

24: Who's Who Directory 2019

56: Technology

• SAFCell Aims to Revolutionize Canada’s Oilpatch by Drastically Reducing Methane Emissions in Pneumatic Equipment

60: Jokes

61/62: Rig Count, Ad Index

Front Cover

It's no secret the Saskatchewan oilpatch has had its struggles. Likewise the Saskatchewan government. One would think it could always use extra land sale revenues for its coffers. You would be wrong. Apparently, the government has excess cash and is not interested in awarding all the acreage it posts in its oil and gas land sales.