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Propane Canada

Propane Canada LogoPROPANE CANADA is published six times a year: (November/December; January/February; March/April; May/June; July/August; September/October). The book is edited for the Canadian LP Gas industry and devotes its entire energies to the promotion and well-being of this segment of the oil and gas marketplace.

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4 Column

  • Five Advantages of New Virtual Propane Expo
  • Last Three Months Creates New Propane Customer

8 Energy

  • Propane Caught in Global Energy Geopolitics
  • Will Canada’s Oilpatch Survive?

16 Pipelines

  • Canadian Pipelines – at the Edge?

18 Propane Tanks

  • Safe Transport of Propane Cylinders and Bulk Tanks By Road

20 Autogas

30 Terminals & Plants

  • Trending Designs in Propane Terminals & Bulk Plants

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Front Cover

It’s anyone’s guess if Canada’s oil and gas industry will last, given the highly uncertain crude oil prices. As the country begins to slowly emerge from several months of lock-down, the huge question, moving forward is if oil consumption will grow. Optimists forecast a revival. Apathetic folks call for a fortress North America (CanAM). The Negative Nelly’s look for its demise – called Putin’s revenge. While no one knows what’s going to happen to the economy — and oil consumption — even the super optimists believe 2020 is a write-off.