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Propane Canada LogoPROPANE CANADA is published six times a year: (November/December; January/February; March/April; May/June; July/August; September/October). The book is edited for the Canadian LP Gas industry and devotes its entire energies to the promotion and well-being of this segment of the oil and gas marketplace.

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5: Column

• Propane Technology for 2019
• Third Global Power Shift Happening Now – It Could be the Most Profitable

12: Canada's Propane Outlook

• Propane has Robust Future in Canada as it Meets the Challenges of Changing Market

16: 2019 Who's Who Directory

34: Petrochemicals

• IEA: The Future of Petrochemicals Moves Toward More Sustainable Plastics & Fertilizers

38: LPG Round-up

41: Case Study of Regina School Propane Bus Fleet

42: Autogas News

50: Memorium

52: Ad Index

54: Calendar of Events

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We love technology that helps improve the bottom-line, save time, reduce safety incidents, increase sales, and bring tangible benefits to the propane industry. As such, it is always interesting to see the newest and latest that have a track record for helping companies. That said, what is one of the fastest ways to significantly reduce costs in the propane industry? What one technology has the potential to have the biggest impact for waste elimination, efficiency improvement, and the ability to reduce customer churn rate?