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Propane Canada

Propane Canada LogoPROPANE CANADA is published six times a year: (November/December; January/February; March/April; May/June; July/August; September/October). The book is edited for the Canadian LP Gas industry and devotes its entire energies to the promotion and well-being of this segment of the oil and gas marketplace.

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4: Column

• World Propane Show Unveils Three Best Safety Technologies
• Improve Your Business Valuation…Customers are the Key

10: China-Canada Relations

• Claws of the Dragon: Canada Must Take a Strong, Courageous Approach to China

14: Liquefied Natural Gas

• Canada’s LNG Poised for Growth – Both East & West Coasts Strategic for New Markets
• LNG Truck Tankers Built for Safety & Quick Delivery

24: Propane News

• Report Card: CPA Earns an ‘A’ for Effort & Accomplishments
• Propane People Continue to Ride in Support of Children’s Hospital – $$ for Respite Care
• BC Propane: Affordable, Available & Amazing
• Participants Enjoyed Informative CPA Alberta Seminar
• Kandlelighters Golf Tournament a Success

30: Ad Index, Calendar of Events

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“China does not see itself as a rising, but as a returning power. It does not view the prospect of a strong China exercising influence in economic, cultural, political, and military affairs as an unusual challenge to world order – but rather a return to a normal state of affairs.” Henry Kissinger (1923 -), American politician, diplomat, & geopolitical consultant who served as United States Secretary of State & National Security Advisor for President’s Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, On China (published 2011).