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Propane Canada LogoPROPANE CANADA is published six times a year: (November/December; January/February; March/April; May/June; July/August; September/October). The book is edited for the Canadian LP Gas industry and devotes its entire energies to the promotion and well-being of this segment of the oil and gas marketplace.

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6: Column

• Technology and Training
• Consumers are Bringing Big Changes to Propane – Why Dealers Need to Pay Attention

10: Surveillance capitalism

• Your Privacy Paradox – Big Brother is Watching, Listening, & Recording You 24/7

14: Autogas News

• Global News Roundup

22: Propane News

• Ridley Island Commences Operations
• NEB’s Predictions for LNG & Propane Supply & Disposition
• LPG Stampede Golf Classic Raises $$$ for Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society
• Accu-Flo Meter Service – Recognized with Top Canadian Sales Status
• CPA Ontario Committee Hosts Inaugural Seminar & Golf Tournament
• 40th Annual Manitoba Propane Golf Tournament

30: Ad Index, Calendar of Events

Front Cover

Giant corporations, supported by governments, have created a new digital ‘subspecies of capitalism’ based on which profits derive from the unilateral surveillance and modification of human behaviour. While the world was riveted by the showdown between Apple computer and the FBI [the San Bernadino, CA terrorist attack on an office Christmas party], the real truth is that the surveillance capabilities being developed by surveillance capitalists are the envy of every state security agency…