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Propane Canada

Propane Canada LogoPROPANE CANADA is published six times a year: (November/December; January/February; March/April; May/June; July/August; September/October). The book is edited for the Canadian LP Gas industry and devotes its entire energies to the promotion and well-being of this segment of the oil and gas marketplace.

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4 - Opinion

• Optimize Propane Operational Efficiency for Improved Profits
• Who’s Duty is it to Warn?

10 - Mining

• A Beginner’s Guide: How to Become a Cryptocurrency Miner
• Five Popular Non-Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies You Might Find Interesting

14 - CPA Roundup

• Propane: A Game Changer for Low Emission Canada
• Rain Didn’t Dampen Efforts of the ECL Choppers for Charity – Respite Care
• Manitoba Committee Meeting – Northern Location Using Propane
• LPG Classic Stampede Golf Tournament – Calgary
• Stampede Round-up: Propane Personnel

22 - Projects

• Vopak Proposes Third Propane Project for Ridley Island, BC

24 - Safety

• Revisiting Flammable Refrigerants

26 - Supplier Profile

• Analysis of Flame Detector Technologies
• Emerson: Significance of Reliable Pressure Controls in
Burner Systems

30 - Ad Index

30 - Calendar



Representatives of companies from across Canada, involved in the propane industry, attended the CPA Leadership Summit, held June 5-7 in Ottawa. Following the annual general meeting on opening day, a “Propane on the Hill” reception was held in the East Block Courtyard of Parliament Hill.